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#1All Systems Shampoo Small Bottle ML (Shampoo Import USA)
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Brand #1All Systems
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 8 cm x 25 cm
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#1All Systems Professional Products (Made in the U.S.A.) are a very popular product among the pet show industries. The company expert in developing shampoo ranges with finest ingredient and special formulation to provide a high quality grooming effect for the pets. It has been widely used in most of the professional grooming shops and salon. "Because Winning Is Not Everything, It's The Only Thing" by Roberta Lombardi

Untuk Botol Besar sila tekan link: https://shopee.com.my/-1All-Systems-Super-Cleaning-and-Conditioning-Shampoo-3780-ml-for-dogs-and-cats-i.81376654.1783832288?sp_atk=4fbe12a0-ad3f-46b0-a734-5636f4ee294d&xptdk=4fbe12a0-ad3f-46b0-a734-5636f4ee294d


1.) Super Cleaning Shampoo 473ML – Cleaning Shampoo

Formulated for dogs and cats.


2.) Professional Whitening Shampoo 473ML – Untuk cerahkan bulu

Whitening and Brightening Shampoo, safe for all colors.

Formulated for dogs and cats.


3.) Pure White Lightening Shampoo 473ML – Untuk Bulu PUTIH Sahaja

Shampoo stain remover.

Formulated for dogs and cats.


4.) Crisp Coat Shampoo 473ML – Untuk menghasil dan maintain bulu Keras (Fluffy)

Shampoo for hard coated breeds

Formulated for dogs and cats.


5.) Botanical Conditioner 473ML – Soft Coat.

Formulated for dogs and cats.

For the silkier Coats


6.) Super Rich Conditioner 473ML – Hard Coat

Formulated for dogs and cats.

For the hard textured coats.


7.) Colour Enhancing Botanical Conditioner 473ml – Color Enhancer

Midnight (for black, blue & dark silver coats)

Red/Brown (for apricot, liver red & golden coats)

Platinum (for pale gold, white, cream & light silver coats)


8.) Got-Hair-Action

Step 1: Smoothing Keratin shampoo 946ml – Shampoo

Step 2: Smoothing Serum+Moisturizer 473mL – Serum Keratin

Step 3: Hair Apparent Spray 354ml - Moisturizes, Texturizes, Natural Shine


Spray and Finishing

1.) Hair ReVitalizer /Anti Static Spray 355ml – Anti-Static

2.) Fabulous Grooming Spray 251ml – Softness, Smoothness

3.) 3-D Volumizing Spray 354ml - Untuk Effect Bulu Kembang

4.) Tea Tree Oil Spray 237ml – Untuk repair Kulit (seperti fungus, etc)

5.) Ear So Fresh 236ml – Cuci Telinga